dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Rock- Kill the Messenger Part II Genius:)

"This whole election is so weird, the way they report on it, cover it, everything is so racial, racial, racial, and they have how many white people are voting? How many working class white people, how many white people over 4' 8" are voting for Barack Obama?

And the crazy thing is whenever white people vote for Obama, which is a lot of the time, they say, they listened to their issues, weighed the pros and cons and they felt that Obama spoke to their issues. And whenever black people vote for Obama, they say well, they black, he black, I guess that's why."

"Black people very excited about Barack Obama, but we're not just votin' for him cuz he's black, we're votin' for him cuz he's black and QUALIFIED. That's why we're votin for the mother-fucker. It's not like we're votin' for FLAVAH FLAV."

"We're very excited. I'll tell you this right now, white people that are here right now. If Barack Obama wins, if you have any activity in your life that involves black people that is supposed the day after election day, it will NOT get done. Election day is a Tuesday, that Wednesday don't schedule no black shit. Like if you gotta fly, ain't nobody carryin' your bags, you got to get your own motherfuckin' bags, we gotta a black president mother fucker,... shit."

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