dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Kill the Messenger - Part I - Chris Rock Genius

"This is a crazy time man... This is the time to be on stage, this is the time to do a special, cuz this is a special time. A lot is goin' on. This is the time to do a special.

(To London audience)Big election year in the United States! that's right, it ain't your election but you payin' attention, you damn right you are.

George Bush has fucked up so bad: he's made it hard for a white man to run for President.

People are like: give me a black man, a white woman, a giraffe, a zebra, anything but another white man..."

"And who do we have runnin' for President?... John McCain, 72 years old, he was too old 10 years ago! He's so old he used to own Sidney Poitier.[...] Seventy-fuckin'-TWO! You see he hired his nurse to be his vice-president too.


What the fuck is on her mind? Sarah Palin, out there shootin' mooses and shit, holdin' up the moose and shoot, I see her holdin' up a dead moose, I'm like what the fuck is Michael Vick in jail for?

My god, John McCain, how you gon' make decisions about the future when you ain't even gon' be here??!

He's old! The mother-fucker's too old.

When you die at 72, no matter what you die of, it's natural causes. Even if you get hit by a truck, it's natural causes, cuz if you was younger, you'd a got out the way."


"Who's he runnin' up against? Barack O-BAMA. (To Johannesburg) Barack O-BAMA man. Barack O-BAMA. Yes, Black man, with a black name, I know it ain't that black here, but in America that's about as black as a name could get.

Barack O-BAMA. That's right next to : Mikimbe Mtumbu. That's right Barack, man, he doesn't let his blackness sneak up on you. If his name was Bob Jones, or somethin' it might take you 2 or 3 weeks to realize he black. But as soon as you hear Barack Obama, you expect to see a brother with a SPEAR! Just standin' on top of a dead lion, like grrrrr!"

"And Barack, young brother, he's so calm and cool, sometimes I think he doesn't realize he's the black candidate, like he thinks he could win this thing fair and square, like he thinks havin' the most votes is gon' mean somethin'! Sheet... They gon' change the whole system on his black ass overnight[...] They will change all this shit, with a straight face too: "Hey man, you got the most votes, too bad you lost. That's how we used to do it. We don't really count votes too much no more." "

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