samedi 4 octobre 2008

Funniest Chris Rock Stand Up from "Bigger and Blacker"

"There's some diseases they just can't help you with. You just got that shit. If you paralyzed, you go "Doc, I'm paralyzed." He goes "Ok, get yourself a chair, wheel your ass around town." "What the f**k is this? Where'm I supposed to take this, a furniture store? F**in IKEA? I didn't tell you I can't sit.. I told you I can't walk."

"Racism. Everybody's screamin' racism. Black people screamin racism. White people screamin reverse racism. Chinese people screamin' sideways racism. Indians ain't screamin' nothin' cuz they dead. That's right. Nobody got it worse than the American Indian[...] When's the last time you just saw 2 Indians just hangin' out at Red Lobster?"

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