lundi 29 septembre 2008

A List of IMPORTANT Ways in which France differs from the US

In France,
1) When you ask for a pint of beer, the server doesn't ask what kind.
2) You can open a lot of cans (like a can of coffee grain, for example) without a can opener, just pull-tab, like a Coke.
3) Instead of turning a knob to open a door, sometimes you pull a lever horizontally.
4) Unlike in the US, there are no electronic flushers in toilets which detect when you're "done." (If you want the thing to flush, you have many options: you can to pull down a chain, pull up on a knob, push in on a button, millions of ways to flush, but all require some kind of effort on your part.)
5) You bag your own groceries.
6) An "entree" is an appetizer/ starter.
7) You can pop open a beer can on the sidewalk.
To be continued...

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